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Do initial setup of Digital Access component

This article describes the initial setup that needs to be done after deployment of Smart ID Digital Access component

Step-by-step instruction

Set up administration interface

  1. In a web browser: Go to Digital Access component with the ip address set up earlier and port number 8443:


  2. Since a built-in, self-generated certificate is used, you get an error message the first time you go to Digital Access component: Your connection is not secure. Add a security exception to avoid the error message:

    1. In the browser, click Advanced > Add exception > Confirm Security Exception

    2. Until next time, replace the self-generated certificate with a proper one.

  3. In the Administration interface, click Log on.

  4. The Setup System Wizard starts. Choose the built-in demo license or upload a proper license received from Nexus.

  5. In Setup Access Gateway, set the root username and password for the administration interface. Store this information in a secure place.
    username: agadmin, different password

  6. Click Next, and then Finish Wizard.

You can later update the settings made during the wizard.

Log in and publish

  1. Log in to Digital Access Admin with the user name and password entered in the wizard.

  2. Go to Manage System and then Administration Service, change the internal host to "admin" save the changes

  3. Click Publish and the initial setup is done.

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