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Enable self-service password handling in Digital Access

This article is valid for Digital Access 6.2 and later.

This article describes how Smart ID Digital Access component is set up so that end users can change and/or reset their own password. This can be used when passwords are about to expire, already have expired or when an end user have forgotten their password.



Step by step instruction

Log in to Digital Access Admin
  1. Log in to Digital Access Admin with an administrator account.
Configure user storage

If a user storage shall be used to store users, a certificate authority must be added before the user storage is configured, see Add certificates in Digital Access.

  1. In Digital Access Admin, go to Manage Accounts and Storage.
  2. Click Certificate > Add Certificate Authority...
  3. Select Microsoft Active Directory and click Next.
  4. Enter general settings, see example below.

    Example: Settings for user storage

    Display Name:AD-users


    Secondary host: (if needed)

    Port: 636


    Password: Password for the account

    Timeout: 15

  5. Check Use SSL.
  6. Check Password change enabled.
  7. Check Password reset enabled.
  8. Click Next.
Enable end-user password reset
  1. In Digital Access Admin, go to Manage Accounts and Storage.
  2. Click Self Service > Password Reset.
  3. Check Enable End User Password Reset.
  4. Enter settings for the password. For help, click the ?-sign.

    Example: Password settings

    Reset code validity: 15

    Reset code length: 6

    Reset code characters: (enter allowed characters in reset code)

  5. Enter SMS and mail messages if applicable.
  6. Check Enable Time Locking of password reset requests.

  7. Enter settings for time locking.

    Example: Settings for time locking

    Time Lock Time-out: 120

    Time Lock Limit: 3


  8. Click Save.

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