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Generate reports in Digital Access

This article describes how to generate reports in the Smart ID Digital Access component virtual appliance. The reports can be snapshots of activity at any given time, or statistics showing, for example, the behavior of users or usage of resources.

Report groups

You can generate reports from these report groups:

  • Access reports
  • Authentication reports
  • Authorization reports
  • Account statistics reports
  • System reports

What can be specified in a report?

Each report group consists of one or several reports, containing time range, filters and graphics.

  • Time range can be specified as Last (for example, last week), From - To date or All Available. When selecting large ranges, the time to generate reports increases drastically.
  • Filters can be specified to select what data to include in the report. Click the ?-sign for more information.
  • For graphics you specify Chart Types (Failed over Time, Succeeded over Time, Failed by Reason, and Failed by User) and Styles (Bar, Line, or Pie in 2D or 3D).

Digital Access component suggests a chart type and style by default per report, but you can change and combine any report with any chart type and style.

Step-by-step instruction

Log in to Digital Access Admin
  1. Log in to Digital Access Admin with an administrator account.
Make settings for reports
  1. In Digital Access Admin, go to Monitor System.
  2. Click Reports.
  3. Click the appropriate link for the available reports and make settings for the report.
  4. To generate a report containing statistics from all available report types, click Complete Report and select All Available.

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