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Identity Manager installation and upgrade

This article describes gives an overview of the steps needed to install and upgrade Smart ID Identity Manager using Docker or WAR file deployment, and to migrate data to Identity Manager. 

Install Identity Manager

Docker deployment

WAR file deployment

Install Identity Manager 

See Deploy Smart ID

For more information, see 

See Install Identity Manager

For more information, see 

Additional step to configure secure connections


See Configure secure connection for Identity Manager

Do initial configuration

See Initial configuration of Smart ID Identity Manager (docker).

See Initial configuration of Identity Manager (WAR file).

Set up high availabilityInstruction to be added.

If a high availability setup is needed, follow this instruction: 
Set up high availability configuration for Identity Manager.

Set up integrations to related systems

See Identity Manager integrations.

See Identity Manager integrations.

Upgrade Identity Manager

Docker deploymentLegacy deployment
Upgrade Identity Manager 

See Upgrade Smart ID.

See Upgrade Identity Manager.

Migrate data to Identity Manager

Follow this instruction to migrate data from SmartAct to Identity Manager: 

Migrate from SmartACT to Identity Manager.

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