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Identity Manager release note 23.04.2


Version: 23.04.2

Release Date: 2023-06-02


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When there is a provisioning request for a mobile ID, the signature of the answer of the mobile device is now validated. See "Attestation key" in "Main new features" to learn more.


It is now possible to configure in the provisioning request for mobile IDs, with which key the answer from the mobile device should be signed. See "Attestation key" in "Main new features" to learn more.


The supported length for text fields in lookup tables has been extended to 2000.


The file name pattern for the IN Groupe SPP connector is now configurable. See "Import and process IN Groupe reports" in Miscellaneous standard service tasks in Identity Manager for more information.


There is a new service task called "Card Production: Nexus Go Cards get info" that performs "Get requests" towards Nexus GO Cards ordering API and extracts attributes from the response. See Card Production - Standard service tasks in Identity Manager for more information.

This new service task replaces the "Card Production: Nexus GO Cards order status" service task, which is obsolete and has been deleted. See Upgrade Smart ID Identity Manager from 23.04.1 to 23.04.2.

Corrected bugs 

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There was an issue in Identity Manager Admin where a pop-up window went blank and could not be closed when the corresponding process or form was closed. This has been fixed.


The language selection rule for Smart ID Self-Service has been changed to remove unexpected behavior when SAML login is enforced. See Configure language in Smart ID Self-Service for more information.


There was an issue when trying to access Smart ID Self-Service with query parameters if the user was not logged in. This has been fixed. 

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