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Identity Manager Tenant

This article is valid for Smart ID 20.06 and later.

With Identity Manager Tenant, a tenant administrator can create and manage multi-tenancy in a way that clients (tenants), data and users are in completely separated spaces, and therefore each client is independent and sealed off from other tenants in Smart ID Identity Manager.

For each tenant, NameDescription and Logo can be defined. The name and the logo will appear in Identity Manager Admin and Identity Manager Operator to identify the respective tenant before login.

The Identity Manager Tenant user interface is implemented as an HTML5 application.

For each tenant applies:

  • Identity Manager Admin uses a tenant definition to create and manage all configuration elements for each individual tenant in the form of a tenant-choice.

  • Identity Manager Operator offers the opportunity to select one of the predefined tenants, and then execute the appropriate use cases for that specific tenant.

If a tenant is deleted, all its data including, configuration, runtime data and running processes are deleted permanently from the database.

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