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Issue mobile ID to person

A person who has the role Mobile ID user can go into Smart ID Self-Service and set up their own mobile ID.

Standard workflow

1Mobile ID user

In Smart ID Self-Service, clicks Request PM certificates. A predefined selection of certificates will be provisioned. These includes an authentication and a signature certificate.

If encryption certificates are available for recovery, a form is displayed to select certificates to be restored. 

Clicks Next.

2Identity ManagerGenerates and displays a QR code.-
3CAIssues one or more certificates for each selected type.-
4Mobile ID user

Scans the displayed QR code with the Smart ID Mobile app, and proceeds with the displayed tasks in the app.

After successful activation, the certificates are displayed in the app and in Smart ID Self-Service under Certificates.


Configuration options

Change the selection of certificates:

  1. In Identity Manager Admin, open the process Install certificates on mobile Id (PcmProcActivatePMProfile).
  2. Edit the form Info (PcmFormSelectCertificatesForPM).
  3. Enable or disable these certificates fields, who should be issued (Authentication, Signature or Encryption Certificate).

Technical references

  • PcmProcActivatePMProfile
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