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Mount Salto CIFS between Linux and Windows

This article is added with the Smart ID 23.04 release.

 The import folder path, configured in Salto, must be mounted to the Docker container, as Salto works on the file system. The import folder path can be mounted using either root user or rootless user.


The following steps are required for both Root user and Rootless user before you do the specific steps described in the sections below: 

  1. Install the cifs utility on the host machine: 
    apt install -y cifs-utils

  2. Create the mnt/salto_share directory inside the Physical Access directory: 
    mkdir /mnt/salto_share

Mount import folder path - Root user

  1. Mount the import folder path using the root user: 
    sudo mount -t cifs //<Salto_IP>/<import_path> /mnt/salto_share -o nobrl,username='<Salto_Windows_Admin_User>',password='<Admin_User_Password>'

  2. Perform a test by creating a file in the mounted folder.

Mount import folder path - Rootless user

  1. Prepare a credentials file for the mount. The credentials are for the Windows service account.

  2. Create the mount for the Docker user by adding the following line in /etc/fstab:
    //<WindowsMachineIP>/<Folder> /home/<DockerUser>/docker/compose/physicalaccess/mnt/salto_share cifs credentials=/root/.credentials,uid=<uid>,gid=<gid>,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0777,_netdev 0 0
    If required, you can change the full permission (0777) for the dir_mode and file_mode parameters.

  3. Execute this command to mount:
    mount -a

  4. Perform a test by creating a file in the mounted folder as the rootless user.

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