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Paste image from clipboard

This article describes how to capture images for Nexus Card SDK by pasting an image from the clipboard.

Do the following:

  1. In Configuration Manager, open Capture. The Capture Setup dialog box opens.
  2. Expand the Image object and check Clipboard.

  3. Click Capture Dialog to open the Image Capture dialog box.

  4. Copy the image you want to use onto the clipboard, and switch back to the Image Capture dialog box. The image will be displayed on the Clipboard tab.
  5. Click Accept Image and the current image from the clipboard will be accepted.

  6. Click Selection Frame >> to switch to the next edit window. (This button will only be displayed if you switch back to the Clipboard tab after accepting the image.)

  7. For further steps, see Capture using live image camera, heading "Select frame".
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