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Capture images

This article describes how to capture images that shall be used in Configuration Manager in Nexus Card SDK.

Once the system administrator has configured the capture sources, you can start capturing. Make sure all devices are connected and switched on.

Optimal shooting conditions
  • When using an ID-CAM S, S-Video, or composite camera, place the camera at about 2 or 3 meters from the person to be photographed, approximately at head height.
  • When using a webcam, place it at about half a meter from the person.
Problematic shooting conditions
BacklightingThe person will appear too dark against a bright background.
Ceiling lightingVery bright ceiling lighting will create dark areas around the chin, the neck, and the eyes.
Side lightingOne side of the face will be too bright, the other one too dark.
SunlightAvoid bright and direct rays of sunshine at the shooting place.
General procedure for capturing images
  1. Select the record for which you wish to capture an image.
  2. Use the appropriate button in your ID Card System to open the Image Capture dialog box.
  3. When the Image Capture dialog box opens, the capture source that was last used to capture an image is automatically enabled. You can continue to use it or select another one.

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