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Release note Digital Access component 6.1.0

Version: 6.1.0

Release Date: 2021-10-28


Smart ID Digital Access component 6.1.0 has been released today.

This version of Digital Access is included in the release of Smart ID 21.10.

Important note

Added Docker Swarm for Digital Access in 6.0.5 and the only way to upgrade to 6.0.5 or above is by following the upgrade documents mentioned under Upgrade Digital Access componentAlso after upgrading to 6.0.5 or above, the orchestrator and v-apps menu is removed from the virtual machine.

Also note that MS SQL Server 2008 is no longer supported after Digital Access 6.0.6.

Main new feature

SAML Single Logout (SLO) has been added to Digital Access. With this feature, the end-user can logout from a single session and be automatically logged out of all related sessions that were established during SSO. Read more here: SAML Single Logout in Digital Access.

Detailed feature list


Jira ticket noDescription

SAML Single logout front channel

SAML Single Logout (SLO) is a SAML flow that allows the end-user to logout from a single session and be automatically logged out of all related sessions that were established during SSO. Added the feature for enabling both IDP initiated, and SP initiated single logout. Refer to SAML Single Logout in Digital Access for more details about the feature.


Added ability to add OIDC Issuer per client instance

Added the Open ID Connect (OIDC) Issuer field for every client instance. If the OIDC Issuer value is not set in the client then it will use the global configuration setting value.


Added ability to send OTP on multiple channels 

It is now possible to send One Time Passwords (OTP) to multiple channels through XPI.

Corrected bugs

Jira ticket noDescription
DA-261Fixed the incorrect namespace in case of configuring additional WSFed attributes.
DA-514Fixed the issue when a syslog message is sent from Digital Access to the syslog server, it was not UTC timestamped earlier which led to missing logs information.
DA-637Fixed the issue that was caused when deleting a service provider having an access rule.

Updated the migrate script to ask user whether to remove the previous images and stop the running instance of Digital Access. Care needs to be taken if the current instance is not stopped. The new instance should not connect to the same DB instance otherwise it might cause conflicts and corrupt data.

Updated the upgrade script to not delete the previous images. It will be the user's responsibility to delete the previous images of older versions of Digital Access from the system and to keep the space free.


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