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Release note Digital Access component 6.5.0

Version: 6.5.0

Release date: 2023-12-04

Upgrade docker

Upgrade docker to a version >= 20.10.10 before you upgrade Digital Access to this or higher versions, since docker <= 20.10.9 has compatibility issues with the OpenJDK version used.


SHA1 is no longer accepted by Digital Access for SAML signing

Digital Access as IDP will no longer accept SAML messages signed using SHA1 algorithm from DA version 6.4.0 onwards. All applications must use other safe and available algorithms.

If there are clarifications or concerns regarding the above, contact Nexus support for more information.


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It is now possible to provision a new OATH profile securely, so that a generated activation link can be used only once. An expiry time can also be set. 

The Secure activation only works if it is a one-factor OATH. It is not applicable if 2-factor authentication is selected.

See Set up Secure activation for OATH for more information.

Minor improvements

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The MS SQL JDBC driver is upgraded to the latest version,12.4.1. This JDBC version enables SSL communication by default, and requires a TLS certificate to be used for communication between Digital Access and the database.

If the communication should be encrypted, make sure the CA and root CA of the server certificate are uploaded in Digital Access under the Certificates section.

For disabling TLS in the JDBC URL, add "encrypt=false" in the JDBC URL configuration. For more information, see Microsoft's recommendation on Connecting with encryption.

Contact information

For information regarding support, training, and other services in your area, visit

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