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Renew P12 certificate

This article describes how a Workplace certificate agent renews a P12 asset certificate in the Workplace package in Smart ID Identity Manager.



The P12 certificate must be in state "valid".

Step-by-step instruction

Renew P12 certificate
  1. In Identity Manager Operator, go to the Search page and select Workplace certificate from the drop-down list.
  2. Click Search and select a P12 certificate in state "valid".
  3. Click Renew P12 certificate. Certificate data is shown.
  4. Click Next to proceed with the process or Cancel to close the process.
  5. Click the download icon to download the certificate to your system

    Remember password

    Make sure to know the given password. The password cannot be stored or retrieved. 

  6. Check Confirm displayed password.

  7. Click Next.
  8. Click Confirm or Deny.
    1. If you click Confirm, the original certificate will be revoked. Select a reason for revocation.
    2. If you click Deny, the certificate will not be renewed.

Use case details

Overview and technical details
Use case description

A Workplace certificate agent wants to renew a P12 asset certificate.


A new P12 certificate is retrieved. The original certificate will be locked depending on the option flag. The flag is set in Identity Manager Admin.

  • Locking of original certificate (AssetsOptionLockOriginalP12Certificate
    • By default: true
Symbolic name


Process name

Renew P12 certificate


Identity Manager Operator

Process start

Search page>Workplace certificate>Search for any P12 certificates in state "valid". 

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