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Smart ID Workplace use cases

The Workplace use cases cover provisioning and life cycle management of PKI certificates for IT systems and devices, for example:

  • Personal computers
  • Mobile devices
  • Servers
  • Web applications
  • Services
  • Network devices
  • Network printers
  • Conference systems 

The certificates are used for controlling access to the network and applications in the network or in the cloud, as well as for encrypted and authenticated communication among those devices and services. Managing the identities of IT assets is a vital part of any organization’s security strategy. 

Systems and devices use digital certificates to authenticate themselves in the same way as people need trusted credentials, for example, passports or smartcards, to prove their identity.

Assets and certificates

  • An asset is an actual, unique device, service or anything else that needs a certificate. An asset in the state "active" is always associated with a certificate profile.
  • A certificate is a trusted identity. It is enrolled either related to an asset or standalone using a certificate profile. 

Start-up guide

Workplace - Start-up guide

Use cases

Workplace - Use cases 

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