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Search for certificates in Certificate Manager

This article is valid for Certificate Manager 8.1 and later.

This article describes how to search for a certificate that is produced by Smart ID Certificate Manager (CM). This task is done in the Certificate Controller (CC) in Certificate Manager.


This task requires that:

  • The Certificate Controller (CC) is running.
  • The officer does not need any specific role.
  • Enough information is known to identify the certificate in the database.

Search for certificate
  1. In the CC application window, enter the search criteria in the Search pane.
    You may use any combination of criteria.
    Do not use quotation marks in a search string.
    The search criteria have been grouped as follows:

    Serial number

    Either the Card Serial Number (in case of a smart card certificate) or the Certificate ID or the Certificate Serial Number of a certificate.

    The Certificate ID is a decimal string that uniquely represents a certificate in a CM installation. A Certificate Serial Number must be entered in hexadecimal format (e.g. 279f).

    Valid fromSpecify a date span when the certificates starts being valid.
    Valid toSpecify a date span when the certificates stops being valid.
    Not expiredSpecify certificates that have a valid to date in the future.

    Specify the date when revocation was performed or select certificates with a given revocation reason.

    Not revokedSelect certificates that have not been revoked.
    Latest publicationSpecify a date span when the certificates were last published.
    Not publishedSelect certificates that have not been published.
    Failed publish

    Select certificates that have at least one failed publication, that is, a publication with the status Error.

    Issuing CASelect the certificate authorities that issued the certificates.

    Select certificates based on subject data like Common Name, Given Name and Surname as well as Organization and Serial Number. This Serial Number can be mapped to any certificate attribute by means of configuration settings.

    ProtocolSelect certificates based on which communications protocol was used to issue the certificates. This requires that the issued certificate is connected to a registration.

    Select certificates based on custom data such as manager or birth date. Up to six custom fields can be defined in the server configuration. Refer to the Technical Description for details.

    Due to settings in the system configuration, a Custom field may be set to "mandatory". In that case, the Search button will not be available until data has been typed into that field. Similarly, a Custom field may be set to "hideresult" in which case it will not appear in the result pane.

  2. Click Search to carry out the search. A database query is sent to the CM host. A message box with a progress bar is displayed. The text message indicates the number of hits in the current search.

  3. Use Cancel in the message box if you want to cancel an ongoing search.

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