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Set up and use test clients in Protocol Gateway

This article describes how to get started with the Nexus CM Test clients that are provided with the installation and can be used to test the configurations for different protocols. 


The following prerequisites apply:

Test the installation with CM test clients

Start Nexus CM test clients

To start the test clients: 

  1. Extract the file from \Nexus\cm\clients\web\ to \Nexus\testtools.
  2. Start the test tools by typing the following in the command prompt: 

    Example: Start Nexus CM test tools

    java –jar testtools.jar
Configure test clients per protocol

The test client for each protocol must be enabled, by setting start = true in the configuration file for that protocol. Depending on the protocol, some additional properties must also be set. 

For more information, see Configuration examples in Protocol Gateway.

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