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Set up Invisible token

This article describes how to use invisible token in Smart ID Digital Access component.

Invisible token is a web based two-factor authentication method. It relies on username and password for the first factor. Then the user can provision his browser with an activation code to create the second factor, the browser.

It is possible to use notification mappings to configure where the activation code will be sent. This can be useful if the user does not have a phone.


Step-by-step instruction

Log in to Digital Access Admin
  1.  Log in to Digital Access Admin with an administrator account.

Add notification mapping
  1. In Digital Access Admin, go to Manage System.

  2. Click Notification Settings > Notification Mappings.

  3. Click Add Notification Mapping...

  4. Check Enable.

  5. Enter settings for the notification mapping. For more information, click the ?-sign.

  6. Click Add.

Add authentication method invisible token
  1. In Digital Access Admin, go to Manage System.

  2. Click Authentication Methods > Add Authentication Method...

  3. Select PortWise Invisible Token and click Next.

  4. Enter Display Name, a unique name used in the system to identify the authentication method.

  5. Click Add Authentication Method Server...

  6. Make any updates, for information click the ?-sign and then click Next.

  7. The General Settings are shown. Click Next to continue.

  8. Add, edit or delete any replies if applicable and click Next.

  9. Select the Notification Mappings that shall be enabled and click Next.
    Note: Default is SMS. Select Email if the OTP shall be send by email.

  10. If applicable, click Add Extended Properties... to enable additional functionality for the authentication.

  11. Click Finish.

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