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Set up SSL connection to Card SDK by uploading PKCS#12 file

This article is valid for Card SDK 5.5 and later.

For simple certificate provisioning to ensure secure communication between Card SDK and PRIME, a PKCS#12 file can be uploaded. This file must include the end-entity certificate of Card SDK, its private key and any related trusted CA certificates. 

This option is available from Card SDK 5.5. For older versions, see Encrypted web service requests


The following prerequisites apply: 

  • The PKCS#12 file must be available, including the end-entity certificate of CardSDK, its private key and any related trusted CA certificates. 

Step-by-step instruction

  1. In Configuration Manager, double-click IDProductionService.
  2. Click Upload PKCS#12...
  3. Browse for the PKCS#12 file and select it.
  4. Enter the password with which the PKCS#12 file was encrypted.

For other settings in IDProductionService, see Initial setup of Configuration Manager

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