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Smart ID Messaging API overview

Smart ID Messaging includes the Hermod API for easy integration in your application.

Base URL

Base URL for Hermod REST API: 

Example: Base URL for Hermod REST API


The actual URL can differ depending on your configuration.

Authenticate to Hermod REST API

To authenticate to Hermod, use the API key passed as a http header.

The API key must be pre-configured in Hermod. For more information, see Add API user and callback URL in Hermod





The API key is pre-configured in Hermod, with the following parameters:

  • id = friendly, unique name for the client
  • key = "password-like" string

Example: "<my-client>:<string of alphanumeric characters>"

Hermod REST API use cases

The table below shows some common use cases with corresponding commands, callbacks, and links to examples.

You can try out the use cases in the Hermod test client

Hermod REST API callbacks

Hermod sends callbacks to the integrators for command responses and timeouts. The integrator needs to implement a REST API to receive the callbacks from Hermod, according to Hermod API.

One callback URL must be registered for each API user (read X-Api-Key) and callbacks are sent to the API user that initiated the request. For more information, see Add API user and callback URL in Hermod

Use caseCommandCallbackSmart ID Mobile App example

Personal Desktop Client example

Provision profiles and generate keys to tokens and devicesPOST /rest/command/provisionPOST /rest/callback/provision

Example: Personal Mobile provisioning

Example: Personal Mobile Certificate provisioning

Provisioning of certificate to token and devicePOST /rest/command/certificatePOST /rest/callback/certificateExample: Personal Mobile Certificate provisioning
Send authentication request to a device/tokenPOST /rest/command/authenticatePOST /rest/callback/authenticateExample: Smart ID Mobile App authenticationExample: Personal Desktop Client authentication
Send signing request to a device/tokenPOST /rest/command/signPOST /rest/callback/signExample: Smart ID Mobile App signingExample: Personal Desktop Client signing
Ping to test that endpoint is alivePOST /rest/command/pingPOST /rest/callback/ping

Get status of an issued commandGET /rest/command/poll/{commandId}-

For details on the respective commands and callbacks, see Hermod API.

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