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Symbolic names in Smart ID Identity Manager

This article includes updates for Smart ID 22.10.3.

This article describes how symbolic names and their translations are handled regarding case sensitivity in Smart ID Identity Manager. 

The handling of case-sensitive symbolic names depends on:

  • The source of the symbolic name, if it is uploaded or manually added.
  • The case of the symbolic name, if it is same or different than the existing name.
  • The database type.

For MSSQL, only one symbolic name can be used regardless of the case.

For PostgreSQL and Oracle, multiple symbolic names with different cases can be used. The translations are independent.

Symbolic name creationCasePostgreSQL and OracleMSSQL
UploadSame An uploaded translation overwrites the existing translation.An uploaded translation overwrites the existing translation.

There can be several symbolic names with different casing.

An uploaded translation overwrites the existing translation. 

Any case-sensitive references to the old symbolic name will be broken. A warning message appears.

Manual typingSame Existing translations are automatically used.Existing translations are automatically used.
Manual typingDifferent 

A new symbolic name with the case as typed is created. Its translations are independent of other symbolic names that only differ in case.

The symbolic name is automatically adapted to the already existing case, to not break case-sensitive references.

Existing translations are automatically used.

If the uploaded configuration file contains an error, you must correct the file and upload it again.

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