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Unblock PIN codes in Certificate Manager

In Smart ID Certificate Manager (CM), if a token has been blocked due to too many failed attempts to enter the correct PIN code, you can unblock the PIN, depending on the type of smart card. You do this in Nexus Personal Desktop Client.


This task requires that:

If you do not know the PUK code, contact your smart card supplier to get the information. You should also ask whether it is the current PIN or a new PIN that is required or if you need a new smart card. This may vary between different suppliers.

Unblock PIN code
  1. Double-click the Personal icon in the taskbar to open the Nexus Personal Desktop Client application window.
  2. Select File > PIN Management or click PIN to start the PIN Management wizard.
  3. Follow the instructions in the wizard.
  4. Select the smart card whose PIN you want to unblock.
  5. Click PIN and select Unblock PIN. The Unblock PIN dialog box appears.
  6. If the token (smart card) currently selected has more than one PIN, select the PIN identifier before you change the PIN. When only one PIN exists, the PIN identifier is not selectable.

  7. Enter the PUK code (that is, the personal unblocking key code).

  8. Enter the PIN code twice to confirm it.

  9. Click OK.
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