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Unblock PIN offline (self-service user)

Use case scenario

A self-service user wants to unblock the PIN code for a card offline.

This article describes how a self-service user unblocks the PIN code for a card offline in Smart ID Self-Service. This can be used when the user has a blocked card but still have access to Smart ID Self-Service through an other login method and want to unblock the card using challenge/response. See the Cards package.

This use case is disabled by default. 


  • The self-service user and the card must be in state "active"
Enable the Unblock PIN offline use case
  1. Log in to Identity Manager Admin with your admin user.
  2. Go to Home > Cards.
  3. Select and edit Card.
  4. Select the Active tab.
  5. In Additional Commands, click New (the pen symbol) to add a row.
  6. Select Unblock PIN offline from the drop-down list in Process.
  7. Click Save.

Step-by-step instruction for the self-service user

Log in to Smart ID Self-Service
  1. Log in to Smart ID Self-Service with your user account.
Unblock/Change PIN
  1. In Smart ID Self-Service, click Card.
  2. Select the blocked card. 
  3. Click Possible actions and select Unblock PIN offline.
  4. Enter the challenge code in the Challenge field. A challenge code is, for example, displayed in Windows logon when a user is trying to unblock a card.
  5. A response code is generated from the challenge code. Enter it in the field on the PC.
  6. Enter a new PIN code twice.
  7. Click Next.

To cancel the process, see "Cancel the process" below.

Cancel the process

To cancel the process:

  • Click Cancel to close the process.
  • Click Next to proceed with the process.

Use case details

Overview and technical details
Use case description

As a self-service user I want to unblock my PIN code for a card offline

  • Response generated and displayed to the user
Symbolic name


Process name

Unblock PIN offline


Smart ID Self-Service

Required card state


Process start

On the card profile>Unblock PIN offline


There are no options for this use case.

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