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Upgrade Digital Access component from 6.0.5 or above

This article is valid for upgrades from Digital Access 6.0.5 or above to higher versions.

This article describes how to upgrade the Smart ID Digital Access component from version 6.0.5 and above to higher versions for single node appliance, as well as high availability or distributed setup. Once you are on 6.0.5 or above already using swarm, you can either upgrade to higher versions manually, or through the tgz file provided in the support portal.

Download latest updated scripts

Make sure you download the upgrade.tgz file again in case you have downloaded it before 29th October 2021 to get the latest updated scripts.

Upgrade manually

  1. Update the Digital Access tag in versiontag.yml under opt/nexus/docker-compose/ to the version you wish to upgrade. Check for exact versions in Digital Access docker image tags.
  2. Run the script on the manager node (node on which admin service is running).

    Deploy Digital Access stack

    sudo bash opt/nexus/scripts/

    This will take time since the script will download the respective (only the ones that are running in that specific node and not all) new Digital Access images on all the nodes.

Upgrade using upgrade.tgz from support portal

Upgrade using script - prerequisites and preparations

  1. Make sure there is a backup/snapshot of the machine before starting the upgrade.
  2. Make sure that the docker-compose folder is the present under /opt/nexus with current tags in versiontag.yml. If it is not present, copy the folder from upgrade/docker-compose to /opt/nexus/. Also, delete the upgrade folder before unzip of new scripts. 

  3. Copy upgrade.tgz to the manager node (the node where the administration service is running) and extract the tar file.


    tar -xzf upgrade.tgz

    The upgrade script pulls the respective script on all nodes. To reduce the downtime, download the images in advance, before running the upgrade. See step 4 below.

  4. Optional: Pull images before running upgrades.
    1. The upgrade script would pull respective images on all nodes. If you want to have a lesser downtime, you can download the images in advance before running the upgrade.
    2. Follow step 3 for all other nodes as well.
    3. Run the script on all nodes. (In case of offline upgrade, copy the images to the machine and load.)

      Pull images

      sudo bash upgrade/scripts/

      The pull_image script will download all images on all nodes. Delete the ones not required manually.

Upgrade system

Run upgrade script

To upgrade the system, run the upgrade script on the manager node (the node on which the administration service runs):

  1. Run the upgrade script with this command line option:

    Run upgrade script

    sudo bash upgrade/scripts/ --manager

    The script will not delete the previous Digital Access docker images. It is recommended that you delete previous/unused Digital Access docker images from the nodes manually.


  2. To start the services manually, in case services fails to start automatically after upgrade, use the script on the manager node:

    Deploy Digital Access stack

    sudo bash /opt/nexus/scripts/

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