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Capture signatures

This article describes how to capture signatures that shall be used in Configuration Manager in Nexus Card SDK.

The procedure for capturing a signature using a video camera or a digital camera, a scanner, a file, or the clipboard, is similar to that for capturing an image. For details, see Capture images.

These features are not available for signature capture:

  • Snapshot Function (Source: Live Image Camera)
  • Dynamic Determination of Frame (Source: Live Image Camera)
  • Default Skin Position

Step-by-step instructions

Start the Configuration Manager
  1. Start the Configuration Manager for Card SDK from the Start menu in Windows.
Capture signature using signature pad
  1. In Configuration Manager, open Capture. The Capture Setup dialog box opens.
  2. Expand the Signature object and check Signature Pad.
  3. Click Capture Dialog to open the Signature Capture dialog box.

  4. In the Signature Capture dialog box, click Start Capture.
  5. The person can use the pen to write a signature on the signature pad. The signature will be transferred immediately and can be viewed like a live image.
  6. In this mode you cannot use the mouse, and the mouse pointer is not visible. You continue using these key commands:

    <Enter> keyPress the <Enter> key to accept the signature and display it in the preview window.
    <Esc> keyPress the <Esc> key to exit Capture mode without accepting the current signature.

    The preview window will only be displayed after either accepting the signature with the <Enter> key or quitting with <Esc>.

  7. Settings:

    << Signature CaptureRepeat the capture of a signature.
    Accept ImageThe captured signature will be saved to the ID system.
    CancelThe Signature Capture dialog box will be closed without saving the signature.
Image enhancement

After performing the automatic image enhancement, you can additionally adjust the settings manually.

  1. Go to the Image enhancement tab.
  2. Adjust Threshold.
    • Use the glider to manually set a threshold value. The value of 100 will accept all pixels from the original image. If you reduce the threshold value, only those pixels will be accepted which are darker than the reference value ascertained from the threshold. The brightness of the pixels will be maintained.
    • Use the mouse pointer or the arrow keys of your keyboard to gradually change the value in ten steps (+/-).
  3. Adjust Brightness.
    • Use the glider to manually adjust the brightness setting. The value of 100 will maintain the brightness. If you reduce this value, the darkest dot will become black. The brightness of all other values will be changed accordingly. This feature is used to blacken the captured signature.

    • Use the mouse pointer or the arrow keys of your keyboard to gradually change the value in ten steps (+/-).

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