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Capture using web camera

This article describes how to capture images for Nexus Card SDK using a web camera.

The capturing procedure when using a webcam is almost the same as if using another live image camera.

Do the following:

  1. In Configuration Manager, open Capture. The Capture Setup dialog box opens.
  2. Expand the Image object and check Live Image Camera.
  3. Select WebCam from the Type drop down list in the Capture Setup window.
  4. Click Capture Dialog to open the Image Capture window.
  5. Click Camera on the Live Image tab to adjust the camera settings. The settings in this dialog box depend on the type of webcam installed.
    • If possible, use the preset parameters.
    • If there is a white balance option, set it to a fixed value, and do not use automatic white balance adjustment. Make several test shootings, and, if possible, have them printed to get an idea of how the colours will appear on the ID card.
    • Adjusting the brightness setting may also be useful.
    • Usually no further adjustments are required.
    • Also refer to your webcam’s manual for details.
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