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Certificate Manager Web UI communication flow

Certificate Manager Web UI communicates with several components, for example, Protocol Gateway and Nexus Personal Desktop Client.



Detailed description of the communication flow


This section describes the green arrows in the illustration.

The user logs in to Certificate Manager Web UI via a URL in a web browser. When connecting, the web UI communicates with Protocol Gateway and activates the CM REST API.

  • Protocol Gateway communicates with Hermod. Hermod initiates the signing (sign-in process) and replies with a plug-out URL to Protocol Gateway.

  • Protocol Gateway sends the plug-out URL to Certificate Manager Web UI.


This section describes the orange arrows in the illustration.

Certificate Manager Web UI communicates with the middleware Nexus Personal Desktop Client (Classic).

  • Personal Desktop enables signing and authentication in web browsers without plugins, using the plugout technology, where Personal Desktop is triggered from the browser page.

  • Personal Desktop Client sends the login data to Hermod

  • Hermod sends a callback to Protocol Gateway

  • Protocol Gateway communicates with Certificate Factory (CF) to verify that the user is an officer and that the session can be authenticated.


This section describes the blue arrows in the illustration.

Certificate Manager Web UI polls for the sign-in process via the Protocol Gateway REST API, and if the process is successful, the web UI will start presenting data.

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