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Configure Certificate Manager clients

This article describes how to configure the various Certificate Manager clients that is used by CM officers.

The configuration description in this article is Windows-oriented and will need to be adapted for Linux installations.

Configuration files for CM clients

The configuration of the CM client components are controlled by a set of configuration files located in the <configuration_root>/config directory. Normally, these files are initialized automatically during the installation.

These are the configuration files:

  • client.conf
    The main configuration file. It contains well-commented parameters that control parts of the client components.
  • launch.ini
    Includes launching options (see Launch Certificate Manager clients).
  • cm.conf
    The configuration parameters in client.conf can also be specified in cm.conf on the CM server with the client. prefix. Client configurations on the CM server affects all CM clients. Local configuration in client.conf overrides the settings in cm.conf.
  • tctprofile.conf
    This is a user-specific file and it must not be edited. User-specific files are created automatically if they are deleted. They are stored in <userprofile>/CertificateManager/config. This file contains the settings related to the current or latest active connection.

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