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Configure Secure Printer in Certificate Manager

This article describes how to configure the Secure Printer (SP) in Certificate Manager, one of the clients used within Smart ID Certificate Manager (CM).

Configuration files for SP

The configuration of the SP is controlled by a set of configuration files located in the <configuration_root>/config directory.

  • client.conf
    The main configuration file contains parameters related to printers and search attribute. It also contains the current settings for the SP window. It is dynamically updated with the current attributes when the SP is closed.
  • countries.conf
    Contains country code and country name of all countries that should be selectable from the Country drop-down list in the application window. Add and delete entries in this file to customize your installation.
    This file may be overridden by a file with the same name located in <configuration_root>/inputviews in the sever.
Do settings for SP
  1. In the Secure Printer section of client.conf, you can configure the following items related to SP:
    • Advanced search criteria
    • Print renderer, that is, the Java class implementing the print layout based on the used XML template
    • Search warning limit, that is, the maximum number of letters shown in one search. The setting of this limit is common to the RA client.
    • Print area (size and location) and text (font and size) to be used when printing PIN/PUK letters. See the Developer's Guide for more information.
  2. Insert a semicolon at the beginning of a line to convert the parameter into a comment and to hide the corresponding field in the Search Letter pane.
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