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Create identifier

Use case scenario

An operator wants to create an identifier (personal identification), for example passport, driver license, national ID card, or health card.

This article describes how an operator creates an identifier. Read more here: Smart ID Workforce use cases

The identifier can be used when users are created, see Create user



Step-by-step instruction for the operator

Log in to Identity Manager Operator
  1. Log in to Identity Manager Operator with your user account. 
Create identifier
  1. In the Quick search drop-down list, select Identifier.

    To cancel the process, see "Cancel the process" below.

  2. Click Create identifier.
  3. Enter a name for the identifier in the text field, and (optional) enter a description.
  4. Click Next to save the identifier.

Cancel the process

To cancel the process:

  • Click Cancel to close the process.
  • Click Next to proceed with the process.

Use case details

Overview and technical details
Use case description

As an operator I want to create an identifier

  • Created identifier
Symbolic name


Process name

Create identifier


Identity Manager Operator

Process start

Quick search > Create identifier


There are no options for this use case.

Additional information

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