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Edit a Visual id layout in Identity Manager

This article describes how how to edit a Visual Id layout in Identity Manager.



A Visual Id layout must have been added. See Set up Visual id layout in Identity Manager.

Step-by-step instruction

Log in to Identity Manager Admin
  1. Log in to Identity Manager Admin as Administrator.
Edit a Visual Id layout
  1. Go to Home > Visual Id Layouts.
  2. Double-click the Visual Id layout that you want to edit.
  3. Select if you want to have a front side, a back side or both with the check boxes.
  4. Upload default images for the front and/or back sides. This can also be done when the card is requested in the BPMN process. In this case, a Juel expression will determine the image field from the process. If an image in uploaded, and then a Juel expression is later used, then the Juel expression will take precedence.
  5. Cards have two text fields for the name and the group of the card holder (nameFieldJuelExpression and groupFieldJuelExpression). Both fields are required.
  6. Select colors in Front side text color and Back side text color respectively. The color can have one of these values: white, black or transparent, in which case the fields are hidden.
  7. Click Save when you are done.

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