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Set up visual ID layout in Identity Manager

This article is valid for Smart ID 22.04 and later.

This article describes how how to configure and create a visual ID layout in Identity Manager Admin. 

  • Obtain a visual ID content provider signer certificate.
  • Sign in to Identity Manager as an Admin user. 
  • Configure the content provider URL in the messaging server configuration file.
  • The Visual ID Layouts must be visible in the Home tree in Identity Manager Admin. If it is not visible, expand the settings for the role:
    1. Go to Home > Roles > Administrator.
    2. Check Visual ID Layouts.
Configure and add a visual ID layout
  1. Configure the visual ID content provider signer certificate in the ContentProviderJWSSigner attribute in engineSignEncryptConfig.xml.
  2. In Identity Manager, go to Home > Visual ID Layouts.
  3. Click +New and enter the Name and a Description (optional).
  4. Click Save or Save + Edit
  5. Create a process to issue the ID, do the following:
    1. Generate the Content ID by using the MISC: Generate Random GUID into Data Map Field service task.
    2. Use the Mobile App: Create Key service task to provision and configure the visual ID and its layout, as well as the Content ID. 
    3. Make sure that the field visualIdContentId is included in cardDataPool that is used for storing visual IDs.
    4. Create a save task to store card object after the Mobile App: Create Key service task.
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