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Export items from Certificate Manager

This article is valid from Certificate Manager 8.5 and later.

This article describes how to export items from a Smart ID Certificate Manager (CM) system to a file, which then can be used for import to another CM system. 

The file format is either binary to be imported using the Administrator's workbench (AWB) or text format in the PKISetup syntax.

Typical scenarios are:

  • When a test system has been run for a while and it is time to prepare another CM system for production.

  • When a customer has problem with items in their system, these items can be exported and sent to Nexus support for investigation.


A connection to the CM host must have been established, see Connect to a Certificate Manager host.

Step-by-step instruction

Export items from Certificate Manager

  1. In AWB, select File > Export tree.

  2. Select the items you want to export in the Export tree dialog box.

The CM system that was used to export the file should be of the same version as the CM that you import the export file objects to.

  1. Enter an Export comment (optional) that will appear as information during export.

  2. Specify a path and a name for the export file. The file will be created if it does not exist and you will get a warning message if it exists.

  3. Check Export as PKISetup if you want the export format to be done in the PKISetup syntax.

  4. Click Finish to start the export.

Export limitations

  • Format files referred to by various procedures are not exported. They must be identified and copied separately.

  • It is not possible to export folders.

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