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Identity Manager release note 23.04.1


Version: 23.04.1

Release Date: 2023-05-11


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Preparation for Secure Key Injection

Secure Key Injection with Smart ID Desktop App has been prepared for Identity Manager. This will be compatible with a later version of Smart ID Desktop App, which has not been released yet. 

Corrected bugs 

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Uniqueness check added

There was an issue when creating a new process in Identity Manager Admin, with the same name as an existing process, where the new process would overwrite the existing process. This has been fixed by adding a uniqueness check when adding a name for a new process.


String validation rules

In Identity Manager Operator, string validation rules are now checked in forms when clicking Next, even when data was preloaded and not entered by the user.


Improved focus of keyboard navigation in Smart ID Self-Service

The windows focus of the keyboard navigation has been improved in Smart ID Self-Service.


Improved card encoding 

There was an issue when encoding cards with a 32-bit middleware, for example Nexus Personal Desktop Client. This has been fixed.

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