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Import a keypair

This article is valid from CM 8.0.

This article describes the syntax for how to import a keypair. The hwsetup command line tool, included in Nexus Certificate Manager (CM), is used.


Syntax: Import keypair

hwsetup -libname <pkcs11lib> [-slot <slot#>] [-pin <PIN>] [-nopinpad]
[-id <string>] [-label <string>] [-login user|so]
-import <filename> -password <password>

Options and arguments

For a description of the options libnameslotpin, nopinpad, and login and their arguments, see Generate DSA/EC/RSA key pair.

Options and ArgumentsDescription
import <filename>Use import to import an RSA or DSA keypair from a PKCS#12 file to the given slot, id and label.
password <password>The password for the PKCS#12 file.


To import the file keypair.p12 to slot 1:

Example: import the file keypair.p12 to slot 1

hwsetup -libname crypto -slot 1 -pin abcd -import keypair.p12 -password abcd1234
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