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Import assets

This article describes how a Workplace asset administrator imports assets using a .csv file in the Workplace package in Smart ID Identity Manager.

For more information about assets, see Smart ID Workplace use cases.


  • The format of the CSV file must include all the fields in the data pool in this exact order (if not using a header):

  • Leave empty fields missing, but the entry should still exist.
  • Do not leave blank spaces before or after the delimiter.

    Example: CSV file

    "","Windows Server 2008","Asset to manage windows server information","Server","","Certificate Profile Server P12","Nexus","SE",",,","","S-1-5-21-1721254763-462695806-1538882281-2605462"
  • Upload the CSV file on the server so that Identity Manager has access to it (if using Docker you must create a volume).

Step-by-step instruction

Import assets
  1. In Identity Manager Operator, go to the Quick search drop-down list and select Workplace import assets using CSV from the drop-down list.
  2. Click Import assets.
  3. Click Upload to upload the .csv file.
  4. Click Next to proceed with the process or Cancel to close the process.

  • If an asset already exists, it will be updated. All other assets will be created.
  • If an asset has status "pending" after the import, it means that the specified certificate profile for that asset does not exist. If this is the case:
    • Select the asset with status "pending" and click Assign certificate profile.
    • Click Certificate profile and search for and select an active certificate profile.
    • Click Next. The asset is now in state "active".

Use case details

Overview and technical details
Use case description

A Workplace asset administrator wants to import assets


Created or updated assets

Symbolic name


Process name

Import assets


Identity Manager Operator

Process start

Quick search>Workplace import assets using CSV>Import assets 

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