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Install Key Generation System for use with Certificate Manager

This article describes how to install a Key Generation System (KGS), used to write generated keys on smart cards and prepare it for the personalization through Smart ID Certificate Manager (CM) clients. The KGS is only available on the Windows platform.

Using a smart card reader to pre-personalize smart cards is only recommended for small scale production, and a smart card reader can only be used for electrical pre-personalization. For large volume production and surface printing on the cards, a smart card printer is required.


  • Make sure a user with administrative rights is used to run the installation program.

  • Install the KGS on a stand-alone computer without connection to any other CM component.

Install a KGS

To install a KGS, double-click on Kgs.msi to start the setup-wizard that guides you through the installation of the KGS. 

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