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Install Personal Desktop Client on macOS

This article describes how to install Nexus Personal Desktop Client on macOS.

Personal Desktop Client is distributed via a so called disk image file (.dmg), which is opened automatically after downloading into, for example, Safari or Mozilla.

Step-by-step instructions

Install Personal Desktop Client on macOS

To install Personal Desktop Client on macOS:

  1. Drag and drop to the hard drive, for example, to the desktop or to a location under /Applications.

  2. The installation will be completed when Personal Desktop Client is started the first time. A few messages will be displayed and the user will be informed when the disk image file is opened.

Results after installation

The following actions are done during the installation:

  • The PKCS#11 module, tokenapi.framework, is installed in the browser.

  • A folder to store Internal Store is created under ~/Library/Application Support/

  • Temporary files are stored under ~/Library/Caches/

  • Personal Desktop Client has Crypto Token Kit support

Configuration file

When Personal Desktop Client is started for the first time a private configuration file is created. The location for the private configuration file is normally ~/Library/Preferences/

Sample configuration file

You can download a sample configuration file that includes all available options, see Sample configuration file for Personal Desktop Client.

Uninstall Personal Desktop Client on macOS

Select Uninstall from the Application menu. The following files are deleted:

  • ~/Library/Preferences/

  • ~/Library/Caches/

Additional information

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