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Login - Standard service tasks in Identity Manager

This article includes updates for Smart ID 21.10.

Login: Finalize post-login process


Use this task to finalize a process that is going to be used as a post-login process.

Execute the service task at the end of a post-login process in order to mark the post-login process as successfully finished. It will not work without this. Do not use this task outside a post-login process.

Calling this task more than once within a post-login process will result in a failure.


There are no parameters to configure.

Login: Find and Authenticate Core Object


Use this task to search for a core object and create an AuthenticatedUser which is passed to the datamap with the key "AuthenticatedUser".


To use this task, configure the following delegate expression in your service task:


The following parameters can be configured in Identity Manager Admin:







Example value:

  • Email

The field name of the unique identifier of the CoreObject.



Example value:

  • "Person,Employee,CleanupPerson"

The CoreTemplate names in which the CoreObject shall be searched for. The search starts with the first name in the list.

The task can be defined as follows:

Spring configuration

    <bean name="findAndAuthenticateCoreObjectParameterizedAction" class="de.vps.act.action.login.FindAndAuthenticateCoreObjectParameterizedAction">
        <property name="coreObjectSearchManager" ref="coreObjectSearchManager"/>
        <property name="authenticationProvider" ref="userPasswordCoreObjectAuthenticationProvider" />
        <property name="authProfileProvider" ref="authProfileProvider" />
        <property name="dataPoolProvider" ref="dataPoolProvider" />
        <property name="coreTemplateProvider" ref="coreTemplateProvider" />

    <bean id="findAndAuthenticateCoreObjectParameterizedDelegate" class="de.vps.act.processexecution.delegation.TaskParametrizedActionBasedJavaDelegate">
        <property name="taskParameterExtractor" ref="taskParameterExtractor" />
        <property name="action" ref="findAndAuthenticateCoreObjectParameterizedAction" />
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