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Standard service tasks in Identity Manager

This article includes updates for Smart ID 23.04.4.

These articles describe standard service tasks that can be used with Smart ID Identity Manager:

The default values are only examples. The values must be configured for the desired behavior of the task.

Parameters and values

Optional and mandatory parameters

Mandatory parameters must not be deleted when you configure a Standard service task. Otherwise the task will fail at runtime. (This is because, currently Identity Manager Admin does not check the existence of mandatory parameters.)

Default values at design time

For some parameters of the Standard service tasks, default values at design time are documented here. Those default values are only relevant when configuring a new Service task in Identity Manager Admin. The default value is at this time automatically added as parameter value. It may be changed or the parameter may be deleted by the process designer. In that case, the default value at design time does not have any effect at runtime.

Default values at runtime

A parameter which is not mandatory may be deleted at design time. At runtime the following default values are in effect, depending on the parameter type:


Default value at runtime


Current date, measured to the nearest millisecond





More information

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