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Modify object ID or label

This article is added for Certificate Manager 8.10.

This article describes the syntax for how to set/modify ID or label on HSM objects. The hwsetup command line tool, included in Nexus Certificate Manager (CM), is used.


Syntax: Modify object ID or label
hwsetup -libname <pkcs11lib> [-slot <id>] [-pin <PIN>] [-nopinpad]
 [-id <CKA_ID>] [-label <CKA_LABEL>] [-login user|so]
 [-setid <newid>] [-setlabel <newlabel>] [-type <typename>]

Options and arguments

For a description of the options libnameslotpin, nopinpad, and login and their arguments, see Generate DSA/EC/RSA key pair.

Options and Arguments


id <CKA_ID>

Use the object with the specified CKA_ID string.


Use the object with the specified CKA_LABEL string.

setid <CKA_ID>

Set new CKA_ID on an object.

setlabel <CKA_LABEL>

Set new CKA_LABEL on an object.

type <typename>

Filter by object type. The following types are available "pubkey", "privkey", "secretkey", or "cert".


Example: Set a new label for the CKA_ID k12345678
hwsetup -libname crypto -slot 1 -pin abcd -id k12345678 -setlabel "My Test Label"

If both setid and setlabel are specified then only setid will be performed.

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