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Nexus GO Cards onboarding process

This article describes the Nexus GO Cards onboarding process.

The onboarding process includes a prestudy and input steps both from you and from Nexus.


In the prestudy, we go through:

  • Your access control systems and card readers
  • Functionality with other systems and peripherals, such as
    • follow-me-print
    • canteen applications
  • Order management and connectivity to Nexus GO Cards
  • Reporting

Onboarding steps

This is an illustration of the onboarding steps and the input flow between you and Nexus:

You and Nexus agree on which products that will be included, such as cards and accessories.

  1. Nexus sets up your company and the agreed products in the Nexus GO Cards service.
  2. Nexus creates a suggestion for design of the products, for example, colors, fonts and visual security features. A digital proof of product is created and sent to you for approval.
  3. When the digital proof of product has been approved, Nexus sets up the products and accessories according to the approved design. A production print layout of the card is created and a Golden Delivery is produced. The Golden Delivery is a complete production delivery that includes the product (Golden Sample) and any carriers and delivery notes, exactly as a complete delivery would look.
  4. The Golden Delivery with the Golden Sample of the products is delivered to you for evaluation and approval. There is a discussion between you and Nexus, and once the production sample is approved by you, a copy of the Golden Sample is archived by Nexus.
  5. The information is handed over to the production department at Nexus.
  6. Login information to Nexus GO Cards management portal is sent to you and you can start to create card orders.

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