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Nexus GO Cards management portal

This article describes Nexus GO Cards management portal for ordering ready-to-use cards, key fobs, and accessories. Nexus GO Cards management portal is available at . To get access to Nexus GO Cards management portal, you must order the service from Nexus.

Nexus GO Cards management portal is available in several languages and the look and feel can be customized for your organization. You can order cards and accessories and select company, if you have registered several companies.

For more information about available security features, technologies, and more, see Nexus GO Cards visual security features.

Standard functions

Nexus GO Cards management portal consists of the following standard functions:

Order cards and accessories

Use the Cards tab to order your cards. The organization's pre-configured card designs are shown. Depending on the card package selected, you can fully customize your card, and select additional security features. In the portal you can preview cards and accessories, upload and edit an image, approve, and track orders and more.

Use the Accessories tab to order card holders and other accessories.


In the Manage orders tab, you can view the order history and search for orders.

In the Administration tab you can add and delete delivery addresses and manage users.


You have the possibility to set up a retention period for your organization. You can have order data removed or anonymized after 3, 6, or 12 months. The default value is no retention period. Once your data passes the retention period threshold, personal data such as names, photos, addresses etc. will be removed. For a complete list, see Anonymization in Nexus GO Cards Management portal.

To setup a retention period, go to and select "Product information and demo" as reason for contact.

Additional functions

These are the additional functions that can be added to the Nexus GO Cards management portal:

Instant issuing

If you have this additional function in the Nexus GO Cards management portal, you can select to print the cards locally, on a card printer at your premises, as an alternative to order the cards from Nexus.

The functionality will be available with the Print now button in parallel with Add to cart when you order your cards. You manage printing and the printers under the Printing tab.


With the additional self-service function, you can send an email to one or more employees to invite them to add information for a specified card layout and potentially upload a photo by themselves. This function is found under the Invites tab.

Manage invites

As an admin, you can manage invites from the Invites tab. From this tab, you can view, update, approve, and add invites.

When you send an invite, the employee receives an email with a personal link. The link takes the recipient to a web page where information corresponding to the layout can be added, and a photo can either be uploaded or taken. The photo can be adjusted directly on the web page and after that, the invitation is confirmed.

You, as an orderer or inviter, can follow the information in the portal and see when there is a card ready for approval. You can send reminders if an employee has not yet filled in the card information or lost the invitation.

Under the Addresses tab, you can designate certain addresses as invite addresses. When an employee receives an invitation and needs a card delivered, they can select their preferred delivery address from a list of the designated addresses. This is beneficial for organizations with multiple office locations. By choosing their specific location as part of the self-service information, the employee simplifies the process for the person placing the order. They can simply approve the information, complete the order, and each card in the order will be sent to the appropriate office automatically.

For more details, see Card registration invites.

Employee or recipient self-service tasks

Once the orderer sends an invite for card registration, the recipient receives an email with a personal link to specify card information, including data for the selected card layout and, if necessary, uploading a personal photo. The required data depends on the card type.

The first email contains information about how to register and add details in the Nexus Self-Service portal.

The order is personal and should not be shared.

When the recipient submits the personal data in the portal, a confirmation email is sent. If the card registration is rejected or cancelled, the recipient will receive a new email containing additional information on how to proceed.


After a card has been personalized or activated, a report can be created with the card data, including readouts.

The Reports function is found under the Administration tab.

The report can, for example, be used for import into existing physical access systems when activating the cards. The report is created as a generic csv or ARX xml file and can be downloaded directly from the Nexus GO Cards management portal. The content of the report file is specified as part of the onboarding process.

For alternative ways of retrieving the card report data see Nexus GO Cards reporting.


With the additional Nexus REST API you can integrate an internal process or system like an HR, identity management or access control system with the Nexus GO Cards service. With the REST API, the ordering process will be integrated into your own system. Read more here: Card ordering API.

When added, the necessary credentials and associated information about the API function is found under the Administration tab.

Card activation

With the additional card activation function, each card is associated with the card recipient's email address. This adds another layer of security, since the card recipient verifies that he or she has received the card, and then activates it.

This is the flow:

  1. An email is sent to the card recipient with a personal link to the self-service portal. 

  2. The card recipient receives the card and a receipt containing the personal activation code.

  3. The card recipient clicks on the link in the email and follows the instructions to activate the card.

By using the card activation function, the card report data availability is postponed until the card has been activated.

Federated login

Federated login is used for Single Sign-On and ordering support.

Nexus GO Cards support Openid Connect and Azure AD login. The configuration of Federated login is done in OIDC under the Administration tab.

Nexus GO Cards uses groups in the Openid Connect userinfo response to assign the user's roles in the Nexus GO Cards management portal. The roles are assigned to the user based on the mapping in the OIDC configuration.

This is an example of a response in userinfo:

Example of a response
    "sub": "00u1xepbnvuksb1DF5d7",
    "name": "Martin Andersson",
    "locale": "en-US",
    "email": "",
    "preferred_username": "",
    "given_name": "Martin",
    "family_name": "Andersson",
    "zoneinfo": "America/Los_Angeles",
    "updated_at": 1632208448,
    "email_verified": true,
    "lastName": "Andersson",
    "firstName": "Martin",
    "groups": [
        "Admins", "Production"

Technical information

Security functions

Onboarding process

Roles and permissions

For more information on the available roles and their permissions in Nexus GO Cards management portal, see this link: 

Additional information

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