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Order cards or key fobs in Nexus GO Cards order portal

This article describes how to order cards, key fobs and accessories via the Nexus GO Cards order portal 1.0

Cards are available as single orders or batch orders. Orders are processed differently depending on the selected product. 

  • Single order: Personalized cards are ordered one at a time. The order must include personal details, such as name and photo.
  • Batch order: Non-personal cards and key fobs can be ordered in batches. 


You must be a User or Limited permissions user in Nexus GO Cards. 

Order product

  1. Click New order.
  2. Select a product, from the list of products configured for your organization. Click Continue
  3. For personal cards, or other products that are configured for single order, enter the following details: 
    1. Add the Information that will be printed at the card.
    2. Add a Photo in either of the following ways. Be careful to follow the photo instructions to ensure visibility and good picture quality. For more information, see Photo guidelines for ID cards
      1. Click Upload photo, to select an existing photo stored on the computer or mobile device. 
      2. Click Take photo, to take a new photo using a connected web camera.
      3. Click Buy photo code, to get a code generated in the order portal to be used in a Nexus-connected photo booth supported by Speed services. The photo will automatically be sent to the order portal and match with the relevant order. This option is only available in Sweden.
    3. Click Continue.
  4. For non-personal cards or other products that are configured for batch order, enter the following details: 
    1. In Purchase order number, enter for example a site number or order number. 
    2. Enter a Quantity, and optionally an Order name
    3. Click Continue

    4. If applicable: In Encoding and printing, select a number series
      With a selected number series, the system keeps track of the numbering to avoid producing a card with the same serial number more than once. For more information, see Automatic processing of serial numbers 1.0
    5. Click Continue.
  5. Select Accessories from the preselected assortment by adding a quantity in the input fields. Click Continue.
  6. For Delivery address users:  Select a Delivery address from the list or Add new. Select a Recipient. In Labeling, enter a label for this delivery, if required. Click Continue
  7. Review the order. Select Normal delivery or Priority delivery, if available. 

    A prioritized order that is placed before noon, Monday to Friday, will be produced and shipped the same day. If you need express delivery, please contact us

  8. Click Accept to submit the order. 

    If approval steps are configured, the order needs to be approved in the order portal before production can start. In that case, you will get a notification when an order is approved. For information on how to approve an order, see Approve order in Nexus GO Cards

    Your order will be sent to the selected address.

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