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Produce card with data source

This article describes hos to use the CardDesigner tool in Nexus Card SDK to produce ID cards when the required production data is read from a file.



Step-by-step instructions

Start the CardDesigner tool
  1. Start the CardDesigner tool from the Start menu in Windows.
Produce card with data source
  1. Switch to Card Table view and select the desired card type.
  2. Define whether to produce a single card or a series of  cards.
  3. Determine how often a single card should be printed (Number of Copies option).
  4. For the encoding of cards, there are two standard encoding types: barcode and magnetic stripes.
  5. Click the Produce Selected Records button, or select File > Produce Card Type...
  6. You can view the data of the data source individually or in a table (check the Table option). You can also view an individual record directly by double-clicking on it in the table.
  7. Use the arrow keys to switch between records. If the data source supports writing back of data, you can additionally add, edit, and delete records.

  8. If the selected data source supports filtering of records, then an additional Search area will be available in this view. Here you can enter up to three filter criteria.

Produce a single card
  1. Click Production to produce the currently selected record with the currently displayed data.
  2. For each record to produce, click Production. The card will be output to the connected device without further prompting.
Set up global counters

Global counters are especially suitable to produce ID cards with consecutive numbers. For details see heading "Make datasource settings" in the article Define card type.

Produce a series of cards
  1. Press <Shift> or <Ctrl> to select multiple records in the table and automatically produce them in series.
  2. During production, the CardDesigner Serial Production dialog box opens where you can stop the production process at any time (click Stop Production).
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