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Produce card without data source

This article describes hos to use the CardDesigner tool in Nexus Card SDK to produce ID cards when the required production data is entered manually.



Step-by-step instructions

Start the CardDesigner tool
  1. Star the CardDesigner tool from the Start menu in Windows.
Produce card without data source
  1. Switch to Card Table view and select the desired card type.
  2. Click the Produce Card button or select File > Produce Card ...
  3. Enter the required values in the Data area of the Production view that opens. The data will then be displayed in the relevant card layout (in the Preview area).
  4. Click Clear Fields to delete all field values. After entering new data, you can produce a new card.

    The data that has been entered will not be saved.

  5. To customize Production view to your individual requirements use drag and drop: 

    1. Click on a field name.

    2. Hold down the left mouse button, and drag it to a new position.

    3. Release the mouse button to drop the field into place.

  6. Click Production to output the card on the configured printer in accordance with the selected production settings.

Add image object
  1. To start the image capture, double-click on the image object (provided that the configured data source supports it).
  2. The Image Capture dialog box opens, which allows you to switch between the different capture sources:
    1. Paste an image from the clipboard, or
    2. Read an image from file.
  3. Click Selection Frame >> to select the image area. To do this, move the frame.
  4. Click Manual Enhancement>>, and then use the sliders to adjust the brightness, contrast and sharpness settings. The changes you make are instantly visible on the right-hand image. The original image remains unchanged.
  5. Accept the enhanced image by clicking on it, or by clicking Accept Enhanced Image. You can also click on the original image to accept it.

See Configure Card SDK for a detailed description of how to capture an image.

The procedure for capturing a signature is very similar.

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