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Release note Personal Desktop Client 5.9

Release date: 2023-09-04

Detailed features list


Jira ticket numberDescription
PER-4632Disabled signature PIN to be requested together with card PIN when using Firefox on Ubuntu 20.04.
PER-4620Changed the PIN caching default value in CTK (CryptoTokenKit) to prevent login from locked screen using the wrong PIN.
PER-4609Implemented a global data cache allowing for efficient data sharing and retrieval in order to improve the product run-time performance.
PER-4608Implemented performance improvements by conducting APDU-level optimizations and reductions.
PER-4598Implemented support for secure card communication using PACE with Atos CardOS 5.3.
PER-4594Implemented support for displaying a "PIN locked" message on macOS in cases where the user has locked their smart card PIN.

Corrected bugs

Jira ticket numberDescription


Made code signing certificate revocation check optional to improve the performance for some scenarios during Windows login.

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