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Set up PACS template

This article describes how to create or edit a PACS template in Identity Manager Admin, for integration to physical access control systems (PACS) via the Physical Access component. A PACS template with a valid connection string must be set up to integrate Identity Manager with any physical access control systems. 



Before setting up the identity template, make sure that the following things apply:

Step-by-step instruction

Log in to PRIME Designer as admin
  1. Log in to Identity Manager Admin.
Add or edit PACS template
  1. In Identity Manager Admin, go to Home > PACS.

  2. To add a new PACS template:

    1. Click +New. Enter a Name.

    2. Click Save+Edit.
      The PACS panel is shown.

  3. To edit an existing PACS template, double-click on its name.
Option: Set up connection to other PACS systems via Smart ID entitlement layer

To set up the connection to the Smart ID Entitlement layer, via the SCIM web service of the Physical Access component: 

  1. Go to the Connection tab. 

  2. In Connection String, insert the URL that should be used to establish a connection to the SCIM web service: 

    Example: connection string

  3. In Client certificate, upload a PKCS#12 software token for SSL client authentication. 

  4. In Server certificate, upload the X.509 certificate for the SCIM web service. 
  5. To verify the connection, click Test configuration
If needed, set up field mapping with Physical Access component

In the tabs Card Data, Person, Entitlement, Access Rule and Group/Unit, fields can be mapped between Identity Manager via the Physical Access component to the connected PACS systems. 

With a standard Smart ID configuration, the default settings normally don't need to be changed. 

If any field mapping needs to be changed, do the following: 

  1. Drag-and-drop fields from the data pools listed on the left into Internal Field. The available data pools are filtered by the resource of the data source.
    In the Card tab, you see data pools of the Card resource, in the Person tab, you see data pools of the Identity resource, in the other tabs of Request resource.
  2. If needed, define External Fields in the spring beans configuration. They must fit to the fields of the connected system and cannot be changed in Identity Manager Admin. For Smart ID Entitlement layer, they are the same independent of the PACS system behind. For KABA Exos, they are directly reached without the intermediate layer. 

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