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Set up Protocol Gateway Ping

This article describes how to set up the Ping function in Protocol Gateway. 

The Ping service (monitoring service) is used for system health checks and can be used by load balancers to detect issues in nodes. A Ping call engages all internal components in the CA system, including HSMs.


The following prerequisites apply:

  • Protocol Gateway must be installed. 

Create certificate procedure for Ping
  1. Create a certificate procedure for Ping, see Create certificate procedure in Certificate Manager.
    1. Set Procedure name to Ping Certificate Procedure.  
    2. In Issuing CA, select Device Issuing CA
    3. In Certificate format, select Ping
Create token procedure for Ping
  1. Create a token procedure for Ping, see Create token procedure in Certificate Manager.
    1. Set Procedure name to Ping Procedure.  
    2. In Certificate procedures, select the certificate procedure you just created, that is Ping Certificate Procedure
    3. In Type, select pkcs10
Set Ping properties

To set the properties for Ping: 

  1. Open \Nexus\cm-gateway\conf\ for editing.
  2. Modify the following properties: 
    1. Enable Ping by setting start to true
    2. Set default.tokenprocedure to Ping Procedure.

    3. By default, the Ping service only checks the status of Protocol Gateway. It it shall also check the status of Certificate Factory (CF), then set default.pingCF to true


start = true
default.tokenprocedure = Ping Procedure
Restart Tomcat
  1. Restart the Tomcat service. 
Verify Ping

To verify Ping: 

  1. Open a browser and go to: 

    Example: Ping URL

  2. Verify that the page shows online.

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