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Set up secure communication between Identity Manager and Card SDK

This article describes how to set up https communication between Smart ID Identity Manager and Nexus Card SDK.


The following prerequisites apply:

  • A custom root certificate needs to be created and installed on the Identity Manager client system.
  • A certificate signed with this root certificate needs to be installed in Card SDK. This can be done by uploading a PKCS#12 file to Card SDK. For details, see Set up SSL connection to Card SDK by uploading PKCS#12 file

Step-by-step instructions

Configure https communication

If the client starts with https, the browser does not allow communication through http. This is configured in the file.

  1. Modify the url in the

    # URL to the CardSDK. Used for card preview/production, image capture
    # for https (note: it's a different port):
    # for http:
  2. Make sure the browser accepts the root certificate of the CardSDK certificate. You can upload it to the browser's certificate store for trusted CAs.

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