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Set up server licensing for Card SDK in Identity Manager

This article describes how to set up server licensing for Nexus Card SDK in Smart ID Identity Manager.

Card SDK can be used within a client-server application in such a way that the server provides the license via a web interface. To do this, the URL to the license server is entered in the License-Server-URL field in Card SDK Configuration Manager. Read more about licensing in Card SDK here.


Step-by-step instruction

Upload the Card SDK license file in Identity Manager
  1. Log in to Identity Manager Operator.
  2. Go to Admin > Configure system properties > Manage licenses.
  3. Select and upload the Card SDK license file.
  4. Click Save. The file content is placed into the Property table, under licenseContext.clientLicense, once the validations of the license file has passed, read more about the validation below the example.

Example of a license file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<licence version="">
   <option key="CLIENT_CAPTURE" value="5"></option>
   <option key="CLIENT_PRODUCTION" value="5"></option>
   <signature value="xxx"/>

Validations when uploading the license file

  • The signature value is validated to make sure it is a valid license issued by Nexus.
  • One of these options CLIENT_CAPTURE or CLIENT_PRODUCTION shall be present and the value shall not be empty. These options determine that it is a server license.

If any of the above validations are not met, an error message will be displayed with the exact problem.

Use the license file in Card SDK
  1. Open Configuration Manager.
  2. Click Licensing > Server-Side.
  3. In Licence-Server-URL, enter the URL to Identity Manager Operator in this format:


    Example URL:


    1. Replace the URL in the example with the correct address, port and protocol of your Identity Manager Operator (and add your tenant ID, if applicable). The path /ws/license is where the REST call is made for getting the license for the CARD SDK application.

  4. Click Check to see information for the license in the Licenses section.
  5. Click Close when done.

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